Два первых впечатления от "Семинара"

Взато с тумблера

Семинар благополучно "опремьерился", и наши  сотоварищи из Нью-Йорка начинают делиться впечатлениями))))

Итак, первое, немного нецензурное мнение (пока читала, хихикала)))) и мой перевод (не бейте танцора, он танцует как умеет)))


Сначала перевод)

О пи..ц, боже мой!

 Я не знаю как начать, чтобы объяснить, ребята, как это ох…льно офигенно! В общем, семинар был!

  • Сценарий был УДИВИТЕЛЬНЫЙ
  • Подбор актеров былитЗАМЕЧАТЕЛЬНЫЙ
  • Декорации ТОЧНЫЕ (?)
  • Алан был ММММММММММММ!
  • Там немного Н.А.Г.О.Т.Ы.

Мне кажется, одна вещь, которая шокировала меня больше всего (хотя действительно не должно было, потому что это часть истории) это то, что Лили Рейб делала, целуясь с АЛАНОМ!!! Когда я это все увидела, подумала: «OMG! ТЫ ПРОСТО ЧЕРТОВА СЧАСТЛИВИЦА!»

Я очень счастлива, ведь мою программку подписали все актеры, занятые в спектакле! Хотя Алан почти ничего не говорил, он подписал всем, кто его просил (было понятно, что это, должно быть, довольно изнурительно для него). И Райма была с ним! Она очень милая и незаметная. Тихонько проскользнула мимо него и дожидалась в машине, пока он не раздаст все автографы. Благослови ее сердце...

Вся оставшаяся труппа (Хэмиш, Джерри, Хейтиенн и Лили) раздали автографы, немного пообщались с поклонниками, потом сфотографировались с ними. Я захватила момент, когда они ждали Хейтиенн (она мне не подписала, но она всеже удивительная), так что все мои афиши были подписаны.



На языке оригинала:


Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd.

I CANNOT BEGIN to explain to you guys how FUCKING AWESOME Seminar was.

  • The script was AMAZING
  • The SET was UNF
  • There’s a bit of N.U.D.I.T.Y

I think the one thing that shocked me the most (but really shouldn’t have because it was part of the story) was that Lily Rabe got to make out with ALAN!!!!!! So when I saw that, I was like, “OMFG YOU’RE SO FUCKING LUCKYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

I had SO MUCH FUN, and got my program signed by the whole cast. Even though Alan didn’t say much, he still signed stuff (it’s understandable; that must’ve been EXHAUSTING for him), and RIMA WAS WITH HIM! She was so cute and small and scooted past him and everyone else waiting for his autograph on to the car. Bless her heart…

The rest of the cast (Hamish, Jerry, Hettienne and Lily) signed autographs, talked to fans a bit and took pictures with then. I took pictures of them expect for Hettienne (I wasn’t even thinking about it, but she’s still awesome), so everyone signed my Playbill. PICS ARE BELOW!!!!


Ну и второе впечатление (пока перевожу))



I don’t know what I should say about the play without spoiling it, so I’ll just say a few things that hopefully aren’t too spoilery. :)

I enjoyed it. I got more into it as I got used to the characters and started to care about them. The play sort of hits the ground running which is good, and I thought the pacing overall was really good.  Alan is in it more the second half, I think… and that’s when I got a bit mesmerized by him, LOL. He has a few long monologue type things and I realized I was just pretty much riveted.  Of course, I was also in the 3rd row and have never seen an acting  performance of his from that close. So maybe that was part of it, I don’t know. :)

There were times where I wondered if he was trying to remember his lines, but it could also have been an acting choice.  A couple of the other actors also had similar moments.  No one ever asked for a line though, so good for them. At one point Alan went in one direction and then stopped and went the other way and I once again wondered if it was an acting choice or if he made a mistake and corrected it.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when people see it. :)

I thought all the actors were great and I liked the way they played off each other.  For Alan though, it’s the second half that has the most noteworthy moments… at least for me.  

About the writing… I could see where it was going… but I didn’t mind being able to figure stuff out.

A cute moment was during the curtain when they kind of didn’t have their choreography quite right while taking their bows and there was some giggling involved. Alan laughing about stuff always amuses me for some reason. :)

Hung out at the stage door and got pics and autographs from Alan, Jerry (who yet again sounded like an Alan fanboy which was cute), Hettiene Park and that’s it. The others slipped by us.  I think I complimented Alan on the play and said I enjoyed it or something to that effect and he thanked me. My brother complimented his performance and he thanked my bro too. I also took some pictures, but they were taken really fast with my not great camera.

Will add the pictures in a separate post. :)

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